Meet The Team

Mariska Wilkins – OsteopathyMariska

Mariska graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University with a Masters in Osteopathy degree. She has a keen interest in a range of musculo-skeletal problems, as well as how lifestyle factors such as postural patterns, old injuries, and work activities can lead to pain and dysfunction.

Mariska enjoys treating a range of patients but has particular interest in geriatric and obstetric care.

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 Jake Ainsworth – OsteopathyJake Ainsworth

Please Note: Due to a martial arts injury Jake is unlikely to be available before March 2019.

My interest in osteopathy started after I suffered a severe back injury from playing rugby. I went on to study at Leeds Metropolitan University and graduated in 2014 with a masters in osteopathy.

I have a keen interest in sports, exercise and nutrition, and since qualifying I have gained valuable experience, becoming head of the medical team at Veseyans Rugby Club, as well as working with an Olympic level gymnast.

I also have experience with strapping and taping, sports massage, functional clinical neurology and exercise prescription.

In my spare time I take part in as many sports as possible, to name just a few: rock climbing, martial arts, running, cycling, Olympic weightlifting, slacklining, parkour and calisthenics.

Nicholas Brown – Osteopathy

Nick’s Masters degree in Osteopathy, together with experience gained in the healthcare industry and in volunteering at the great north run, has helped Nick in the provision of rehabilitation and osteopathic care to a wide range of clientele. Nick uses a broad range of manual therapy techniques, such as joint manipulation, joint mobilisation, soft tissue techniques, muscle energy techniques and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation. Along with a traditional osteopathic and holistic approach Nick has a keen interest in sports rehabilitation and has undertaken further training on athletic, trackside osteopathic care.

Zoe Parker- Massage Therapist

Zoe came to healing and energy work through her training and career as a dancer. After a serious injury she became interested in healing techniques studying reflexology first and then going on to study Thai Yoga Massage with international master Asokananda in Thailand. She has continued her development of the Art of Thai Yoga Massage through study with various masters over the years and more recently, she has gone on to study Reiki and Seichem to Master level ( terra-mai system). She is also qualified to teach Hatha Yoga and  pre/post-natal Yoga. Zoe is currently studying qualifications in yoga for children and coaching with young people. Her healing practises complement her years of experience as a dance educator and teacher.


Reflexology Diploma – IIHHT – 2001

Reiki &Seichem III – ( Terra-mai) – Teacher/ Master Level 2009

Thai Massage- Asokananda – certificate 90 hrs  I S T Y M 2005

Thai Yoga Massage – Practitioner -132 hours T T Y M A  2006

Advanced Nerve Touch – Traditional Thai Massage (with herbs) 18 hours- 2008

Chaimonkol Massage Training – 90 hours 2008

Yoga Teacher – BSYA  2004

Pre/Post-Natal Yoga Teacher – BSYA – 2010

Theta Healer – Practitioner level 2009

For more information please click here Zoe’s Website

 Sarah Woods – ChiropractorSarah Profile pic

Sarah Woods graduated from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic in 2006 and has worked at several chiropractic clinics in the Yorkshire area. Sarah has a keen interest in musicians and their injuries having previously completed a music degree and also a chiropractic thesis on patterns of injury sustained by musicians.
Sarah began on her Chiropractic path when she damaged her back. Her local Chiropractor returned her to full health and dramatically reduced the frequent headaches and neck pain she had endured over many years. After finishing her music degree Sarah returned to work for the Chiropractor as his practice manager. Through Joe Cersosimo’s mentoring and sponsorship Sarah pursued a successful five year Chiropractic degree course.

Sarah Woods is registered with the General Chiropractic Council and a member of the Scottish Chiropractic Association.